In 1848, at the request of the parishioners, Hilfield was separated from Sydling, and after restoration the Church was reconsecrated and permission given for burials to take place in Hilfield churchyard.

The Church was again extensively restored in the 1950's, when the benches were remade retaining the carved ends. These are traditionally supposed to have come from Cerne Abbey at the dissolution of the monasteries, but expert opinion is now divided as to their dates. Nineteenth century copies can be seen in Trent and Glanvilles Wootton Churches, and two additional genuine ones, marked "EX ECCL SANCT NICCOLAS HILLFIELD COMPT DORSET" are made into the sides of a Bishop's Chair in Bradpole Church. One pew, depicting St Andrew, has been lent to Leigh St Andrew's Church. The West window is early 14c, and the pews in the nave are 17th century; although the one by the pulpit was altered in 1848. The panelling behind the altar and by the West door is 16th or 17th century. The remains of the Lord's Prayer, dated to the 17th century, was found in 1961. The bell is dated 1726, and the registers date from 1565. Outside at the ends of the mouldings over the East window are two stone heads similar to carvings at Sherborne Abbey.