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A substantial village lying 5 miles South West of Sherborne and 5 miles South East of Yeovil

and 17 miles North of Dorchester.

Yetminster lies on a ridge of Forest Marble

crowned with Cornbrash (shelly limestone) with Oxford Clay to the north and south.




The centre of the village




  • Excellent shops, PO and pub
  • Good communications
  • Lots of activities
  • Primary school
  • Health Centre
  • Some light industry
  • Handsome stone built village centre with newer housing round the edge


Yetminster St Andrew church from the North



  • Peaceful house of prayer for 1000 years
  • Home of the worshipping community of the 21st century
  • Centre of the village for great occasions from joyful to memorial
  • Architectural treasure of 13th and 15th centuries
  • Scene of Services, grand and intimate